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During my professional career, I had the possibility to be part of several different projects in the marine- and process-industry.


At the beginning of my career I was engaged in a number of projects related to liquefied hydrogen transport. An early highlight was my responsibility for the measurements and test evaluations resulting from the operation of the liquefied hydrogen test tank (60 m**3 ) which you see on the picture at the right.  Among others I see my work on the development of LNG systems for cruise ships within the GasPax project, the development of the IMO IGF-Code (for LNG fuelled ships) and the revision of the IGC-Code (for liquefied gas carriers) as most relevent highlights.  


For a more detailed view to the projects I was involved in and my role, click the button below this paragraph. Furthermore, feel free to download any of my publications below.

EQHHPP Tank Horstw 1996.png

Member of

  • DECHEMA working group on process safety of chemical plants  (DECHEMA AA_SAC)

  • Vereins Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI)

  • Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik (VSM)

  • Schiffbautechnische Gesellschaft (STG)

References: Über uns

Some Projects


  •  Contribution to IMO WG on alternative fuels: since 2019; ongoing.

  • Mediation for two mayor German industry companies together with Prof. Dr. Christian Duve from Duve Law (2022/2023); covered by DIS mediation regulations (DIS: Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit)

  • Evaluation of transport options of PtX to Salzgitter region for MAN Energy Solutions contributuion to the GreenH2SZ Project

  • PtX transport cost evaluations for the report of Deutsches Maritimes Zentrum on the role of German Maritime Industry for building a Hydrogen Economy in Germany (report 2021). 

  • Technology evaluation (electrolyser technology); 2020; client: engineering service company

  • Consultancy on process technology related to cryogenic liquids: 2020; client: engineering company

  • Consultancy for the German mirror group on IMO IGF-Code development:  2020; client: project coordination company

  • Consultancy on IMO regulations for methanol transport; 2020; client: fuel supply company

  • Moderation of a HAZOP study for a part of the process system of a floating LNG supply unit (FSRU): 2019; client: engineering company

  • Different courses for training of technical officers for LNG fuelled  cruise ships: 2019/2020; client; engineering company

  • Consultancy at IMO in London for an NGO; 2019; client: NG

  • Evaluation of alternative fuels in shipping and the needed global climate change efforts (comp. GMW Consultancy report "Alternative Fuels for International Shipping..."on this web page)

References since 2019

Some Partners

  • Bureau Veritas, Germany

  • Helm Proman Methanol AG, Switzerland

  • INTERTANKO, United Kingdom

  • MAN Energy Solutions

  • Marine Service GmbH, Germany

  • SGMF, United Kingdom

  • Siemens Energy

  • Solar Turbines, United States of America - Reference Letter

  • TGE-Marine – Gas Engineering, Germany

  • ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems

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