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 (one day course)

Target group: technical managers, technical ship inspectors, ship engineers

Content: This course provides the technical background to understand and handle LNG as ship fuel projects. Key items are:

1. A short introduction to low flashpoint fuels in shipping

  • Physical basics for LNG as fuel:

  • liquefied gases, environmental aspects of LNG (NOx, SOx, PM, CH4 Slip), physical properties of LNG including relevant properties regarding fire and explosion risk

2. Introduction to the background for LNG as ship fuel

  • LNG fuelled ships

  • Current and future scope of IGF-Code

3. Design aspects for LNG fuelled ships

  • Engine types: gas engines, DF Engines (Otto-, Diesel Cycle)

  • Process design for fuel supply

  • Tank types and their design principles and application range

  • Tank locations and their regulatory restrictions

  • Operation considerations

4. The operational and safety aspects of LNG fuel systems.

  • Process functions and physical arrangement

  • Redundancy concepts for gas and DF engines

  • Bunkering LNG: design and operational aspects


All content can be offered as courses or as interactive workshops. For more information feel free to contact GMW C.

Introduction to the use of LNG as ship fuel: Über uns
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