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From my professional life in technical and business development positions, I have a background on liquefied gases and other alternative fuels for ships, design and classification of ships covered by the IMO IGF-Code and IGC-Code, fuel cell systems, safety analysis and seminars related to these subjects. As a process and energy engineer with long term experience in shipping, I offer independent consultancy to the stakeholders in shipping like owners, suppliers, yards, NGOs and authorities.
My professional experiences are related to business development, engineering advisory services, research & development, process-, gas-, safety- and fuel cell technology. My involvement in liquefied gas technology leads back to my doctoral work on the development of a liquefied hydrogen sea transport system in the early 90ies.
Since the 90ies and until 2013 I contributed as a consultant for the German ministry of transport to IMO work on IGC-Code (IMO Code for Gas Carriers) amendments, development of the new IGC-Code and the development of the IGF Code (IMO Code for ships with low flashpoint fuels). I’m still contributing to the German mirror group on IGF-Code development.
I represented GL, DNV and DNV GL at SIGTTO and SGMF and contributed to ISO working groups. E.g. I was a member of the SGMF Technical Committee and the Environmental Committee. I actively participated in the development of the ISO and SGMF LNG bunkering requirements and the SIGTTO work on LNG fires around gas carriers. Since the early 90ies, I'm a member of the process technology safety working group of the German chemical engineers society (DECHEMA).
For further details please download the short CV with literature list or contact me.

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