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My consultancy is mainly related to the following topics:

1. engineering and business development for suppliers, industry associations, owners, authorities, designers, yards with the scope (Engineering) - Consultancy for Future Fuel Strategies

  • gas as ship fuel

  • future fuels for shipping

  • IMO rules for „low flashpoint fuels“ (IGF-Code) and for liquefied gas carriers (IGC-Code) - Expert knowledge on the regulatory framework

2. Support for owners, suppliers, yards, designers in the project definition and project execution with special focus on class-society related matters – Support for Classification


3. Seminars related to:

  • Future ship fuels

  • Technical and class-related requirements on the design of gas-fuelled ships


4. Expert support of safety analysis (Consultancy)


5. Evaluation and expert judgment on future fuels for shipping (as reference e.g. comp. DNV GL white paper “Assessment of Selected Alternative Fuels and Technologies”, June 2019 edition; Gerd Wuersig: Editor, lead author, project coordinator)

For these fields, I offer the following services

  • expert statements,

  • workshops, seminars

  • evaluation of technical specifications

  • contribution to technical specifications.


Do you have a problem in these topics where you need assistance? Contact me.

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