The "Fuel Price Overview" by GMW - Consultancy provides you the prices of the most common fuels on a monthly basis. Furthermore, it includes a cost estimation of GMW-Consultancy for an oil equivilant green fuel! GMW-Consultancy is not liable and gives no garanty for the accuracy of the displayed prices. The figures and the the table are updated on a monthly basis. You can download the images in high quality here.

The figure on the left, indicates the monthly average prices for crude oil MGO 0.1, HFO (IFO 380), low sulphur HFO and spot market price for gas in europe (TTF). Related to the geographical location of europe, the storage capacity of LNG and the competition with pipeline gas the TTF price can be regarded as the theoretical lowest possible price for LNG as a ship fuel.

The figure below, relates the pricing to the price of crude oil brent and additionally includes gas prices in japan, methanol prices and WTI - crude prices.

Monthly average prices for different fuels  [1],[2]

The table below gives the actual monthly average prices for the named fuels on an energy and a mass basis. The values of the Power to X fuels are based on evaluations done by GMW - Consultancy. Hydrocarbon PtX - fuels can be produced from renewable sources by water electrolysis of hydrogen and chemical processes which introduce the necessary carbon. The cost factors give the multiplicator for the fossil fuels to reach the same price as a PtX fuel.

Monthly average prices for different fuels related to crude oil brent [1],[2]


[1] : different public availabe sources

[2] : PtX (min costs): prices for hydrocarbon fuels produced from renewable hydrogen and CCU (Carbon capture and Use). Based on own calculations of minimum PtX costs with electricity costs of 0,05 US$/kWh for electricity at the electrolyser.   

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