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Fuel Strategy Advisor MGX-24

OCEANS ONE Management Consultants and GMW Consultancy prepared the study “Fuel Strategy Advisor for MGX-24 Class Ships”. The study is available on OCEANS ONE web page (

Decarbonization and meeting the global warming target of 1.5 °C pose challenges to shipping that the industry has never seen before. Not only the stricter IMO and EU regulations, but also the customers of container ships are forcing the industry to make a significant change in strategy to meet the upcoming requirements.

This study provide a realistic, comparative insight into the cost structure and savings potential for operating a Megamax-24 class (MGX-24) containership with different fuel alternatives of the future.  The technical and commercial comparison provide a clear insight into the impact of different fuel options on CAPEX, OPEX, slot costs and total costs of ownership for operating an MGX-24 containership. The outcome of the study is expected to enable ship owners to gain a deep understanding of the different fuel alternatives and to provide reliable criteria for management decisions regarding the fuel strategy for their future-proof newbuilding projects.

“I think in the long run shipping and aircraft are the only things that need large quantities
of energy-dense liquid fuels,...”

Dr. Gerd-Michael Wuersig, Financial Times, 04.09.2018

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